Lecture 1:  Mark Ingham

“A new beginning of a new challenge, waiting to be accomplished”.

My Gamswen blog: http://sunni12.wordpress.com/

On the 11th of January 2012 at 9:30, I had a lecture introducing me to the brief. The concept of the brief was at the end of this course of lectures we will have to produce a Film, Animation, blog, newspaper or magazine that is a chronicle of the lectures and seminars that will be given throughout the term. This will mean you will have to take notes on every lecture so you can then write it up for your publication. Then we will choose one of the lectures, seminars to make into a ‘feature article’ and will be an extended piece of writing or filming of about 1,500 words about 10minutes long and again it will be fully illustrated/Captioned and referenced. And it’s entirely up to us how the form, design, layout and size of the film/magazine is done.

We were also told to create a twitter account, which was a part of the brief. Then we tweeted a message @#Gamswen. After that we were given two questions to answer later on that day. The first questions was “how do I learn?” and the second question was “how do I learn best?” these questions made me think for a while, and my answers were I learn from my mistakes. And my second answer was research. We are also an investigating journalist, taking extensive notes and recording every lecture sessions. It is as a journalist would be at a press conference; these notes are what we will base our articles on. Each of our article section must be at least 300 words.

We was shown a video called “A magazine is born” A Magazine is Born is a short documentary about what goes on behind the making of Little White Lies magazine, from the beginning to end. The film was shot over the period of two months as the team prepares for the magazine’s 33rd issue. Black Swan, the name of the short doco was inspired by the track A Swan is Born from Black Swan‘s original soundtrack.




I found this video inspirational, it guides us how to design a Magazine.

A Magazine Is Born – the making of Little White Lies

This is another great video, that records the process from beginning to end. Also giving the feel of how professinal designers work.

Inspirational Research:

Here are some references that inspired me. Researching these image as given me a better view for my final out-come.

Magazine Paper Design:


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