For the forth time so far Mark Ingham gave the lecture, and I have also enjoyed all the lectures. This lecture was approaching what we have learnt so far. And I have learnt many new things since the beginning of the first lecture. I will be stating what I have learnt so far.

In the first lecture I have learnt how to create a twitter account and how to tweet a massage. I know it is simple to create a twitter account with simple instructions. But the truth is I have never used a twitter account before, but I have practice Facebook for 3 years now.

In lecture 2, I have also learnt Vaughan is a British graphic designer based in Epsom, South of London. He also gave lectures in Barnsley and Barcelona.

In lecture 3, I have learnt more surrealism and Salvador dali’s artwork. I also acknowledged a guy named Neil spiller.

In lecture 4, I have learnt about Norman Foster, Nic Clear and his amazing video called Robot in Brixton.

In lecture 5, I have learnt about rest in pixels and how a digital world can die by Stacy Pitsillides.

In lecture 6, I have learnt about Rachel Armstrong and that She has worked with several scientists to learn new materials.

In lecture 8, I have learnt about manifesto and more about Martin Luther king.

In lecture 9, I have learnt about Simon Herron.

These are all the things I have acknowledged since the first lecture.


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