Lecture 3 – Neil Spiller

“I’m an architect, artist and writer. And I am Spiller, Neil Spiller”

Today, surrealism became one of my favorite visual art movements, after Neil Spiller gave a lecture on surrealism. Neil Spiller is the Dean of the School of Architecture and Construction, at The University of Greenwich. Spiller is an architect, and also writes books on Digital Architecture.

Neil Spiller started off by telling us he worked with Vaughan Oliver. Then he showed us Salvador dali’s artwork called dalinian gala. A surrealist who lived Paris, in 1929. Surrealism began in the early 1920s.

After that, Neil Spiller introduced to some of his drawing. And discussed his drawing process with us. Furthermore Neil Spiller named his project communicating vessels, and linked it up to the reflexive nature of architecture space. He has been focused on the same project for 12 years, included 250 drawings and thousands of words of texts and poetry. He is attracted in long architectural projects as his inspirations by Mike Web and Ben Nicolson. The project was prepared in an island where Neil Spiller was born and bought up.

Other inspirations for his project are Marcel Duchamp and Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Zodiac Mindwarp. Neil Spiller has researched these artists for his references. Although I think Neil Spiller has a great name. But he also had an amazing presentation. His Artworks are encouraging and inspiring.


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