Lecture 9:

“This lecture summarised the fascinating characteristics of hand drawn images through Simons recognised work.”

During week 9 Simon Herron had visited us; and had given a lecture of his known work. Simon is now lecturing at university of Greenwich completing an architecture degree. He also went by introducing his relationship with (Father) Ron Herron; known for “The walking City”. I felt Simon’s lecture lacked in some direction, there were signs of hesitation during the opening; the speed the lecture had been delivered was far too fast to grasp.  The lecture was based on architecture drawings; in which Simon described as the beginning of drawing.

During the early 1900’s people would produce hand drawings and other methods like photographic as technology was at its forming stages; where certain machinery and computers to support drawings did not exist.  Photographic is basically when photographs of drawings are reproduced into negatives to create one image. The work showcased was very inspiring as it showed skill and talent without technology. I can imagine the time conceded in producing such a detailed art piece. In addition, the folder of drawings was very neat and unique. Each individual sketch that had been inserted into the collage showed passion and creativeness.

Simon also introduced us to some Archigram magazines that were showcased at the end of the lecture. This was basically a magazine that had been produced from hand drawn images. He also went by showing his students work; that also consisted of hand drawn images that showed exceptional detail. He mentioned how some designs can bring images to its audiences mind. Simon outlined the importance of learning from previous drawing and to be able to communicate with the audience via ideas.

This lecture summarised the fascinating characteristics of hand drawn images through Simons recognised work.  His work demonstrated the importance of drawings and how it was more popular before technology became so advanced.


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